Friday, July 19, 2013

ajándék Ivanatól!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

szíven ütött....meghatódtam....
unokahúgom készítette nekem e mesés füzetet, beborította, díszítette-rajzolta...:-D

legnagyobb kincs számomra.....<3 p="">


Bernadett Rauski said...

Ivana buszken nezi es neki meg a te blog bejegyzesed a legnagyobb kincs.:) :-*

Edyta z Kubkiem Kawy said...

Thank You very much for Your registration for my Christmas Candy:-) and for Your nice word about my blog:-)
I see very interesting and beutiful thing in Your blog:-)Colourful and creatice.
And I see a very talented young man which made this battefly card, if I right think:-)Because I don't know Your language, I only guess:-) I like very much cards made by chldren.
Sorry for mu English, it's awfull, I know...
Big hugs:-)

Edyta z Kubkiem Kawy said...

Ha! I made mistake... I think about beutiful things on Your blog, many things, not only one thing. And Your blog is colourful and creative, not creatice... I said, I'm not good in English:-)
Hugs once again:-)

D Diana said...

Csudaédes :)